The Consignment Shop

The Consignment Shop

The Consignment Shop Software by SBS Solutions is great if you are a consignment shop owner searching for a software program that is full of features and capable of managing your business. The Consignment Shop is user-friendly and easy to install. It comes with customer support and is budget-friendly as well. It is full of features that will help you save money and time. If you just looking for information on how to How to Run a Consignment Business before starting your own, it is a good idea to request demos and quotes from multiple consignment software companies.

Use The Consignment Shop Software to track inventory, consignors, and customers. You can also print merchandise tags, checks, receipts, daily sales activity, and monthly tax reports. Check out is a snap with the user-friendly point-of-sale screen. It is easy to setup layaway for customers and automatically mark down items that aren’t selling. It is even possible to set up a second computer to be used in a back office.

This is, of course, just a small number of the features available. Request a Free Consignment Software demo of The Consignment Shop Software to see for yourself why it is called one of the best software systems on the market today.

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Review by Regina B.

4 and a half star review

My store purchased The Consignment Store software 6 years ago. We like that SBS Solutions offers a friendly support staff and low costs.

We don’t have very many problems with this software, but the couple times we have (like having issues setting up new printers) the customer support staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. They always make sure to solve our problems before hanging up. I like that they are always able to walk us through how to fix the problem, or if that doesn’t work they are able to fix it from their location.

The Consignment Store software from SBS Solutions is a great product that also comes with friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We are happy with our choice in consignment software and will be sticking with it for many years to come.

Review by Virginia A.

3 star review

My shop has over 2000 consignors and has been open for nearly 2 years. My previous system I was using was ConsignPro but I switched because of their high costs. So far I am really enjoying SBS Solutions Software, we have it set up with 4 computers and it is incredibly easy to use. I also save a lot more money now.

The support staff always impresses me by tweaking things and offering updates. It is obvious that they care about their customers and product. The staff is also receptive to feedback which is great. I really enjoy working with this group of people. I do not regret my choice to switch one bit.

Another great feature is that my consignors can check their accounts on the internet, which saves me up to 100 phone calls each day. Thank you SBS Solutions, I don’t know where my store would be if it weren’t for you all.

Review by Lillian W.

I opened my consignment store just over a year ago and part of our success can be attributed to The Consignment Store Software by SBS Solutions.

When I was setting up the equipment for the first time I spent a good deal of time on the phone with the staff as they walked me through how to set up scanners, receipt printers, label makers, and the network. They were very helpful. Oh, by the way, this all took place on a Sunday night too!

Anytime a problem comes up the support staff is able to take care of it quickly for me. There are also frequent updates. It seems as if every month there is some sort of new feature or improvement. I really enjoy the new update that allows for consignors to check their accounts on the internet, this is going to save us so much time!

We have thousands of items in our store at any given time along with hundreds of consignors with accounts. Having great consignment software in place has been the difference between our store’s success and failure. I have a hard time imagining where our store would be if it were not for SBS Solutions.