SimpleConsign by Traxia comes with a complete, cloud-based option that’s accessible at anytime from anywhere that has access to an Internet connection. By using SimpleConsign retailers can easily manage point of sale, consumers, consignors, as well as product inventory. Additionally, there is sturdy canceling constructed into the solution, providing a whole real-time view of income and processes. If you are building a Consignment Business Plan it is helpful to get demos and quotes on a variety of consignment software products.

SimpleConsign is an excellent fit for bookstores, consignment retailers, pawn shops and antique sellers. Because SimpleConsign is a web-based Software for Consignment Store, there won’t be any huge costs related to computer hardware. The program is also always up-to-date. Each and every time retailers sign on over the internet, they are using the most recent and updated version, no extra downloading required. The information is copied constantly, guaranteeing a secure, constant circulation of internet data, whether or not there are computer crashes.

The easy-to-navigate software of SimpleConsign lets retailers efficiently manage not only product sales but also buyer and supply information. With the Dashboard, merchants get a simple real-time look at retailer procedures, product sales, object costs, along with notes. Files and data can be either entered manually or imported. Consignors can view his or her inventory through ConsignorAccess, minimizing administrator expense.

If you are building a Consignment Store Business Plan or Starting a Consignment Business it is important to know that Traxia offers no-cost converting from your store’s earlier point of sale system and also industry-leading customer support. SimpleConsign is not only cost-effective but also user-friendly. It makes for a perfect retail solution for consignment shops, antique malls, or even pawn shops.

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Review by Tanisha

3 and a half star review

SimpleConsign by Traxis is great! I have a hard time remembering how we ever ran a store before using this software. It is easy to train employees on, is intuitive and user-friendly. The support team at Traxia is great as well. I have never had a hard time getting a hold of them and they are always friendly and quick to help with whatever problem we are experiencing.Our shop had been in business for one year when we decided that we needed to upgrade to a consignment software system.SimpleConsign has made such a positive difference in the way we run our store, it’s hard to imagine how we got by before. The newfound speed and efficiency of this system has increased our sales and has made consigning, layaways and ringing up sales much easier and faster. I would recommend this program to any other consignment store owners.