Liberty 4 Consignment Software


Liberty 4 Consignment Software by Resaleworld is the perfect software solution for retailers in the thrift, resale, Ebay Consignment Business shops, and consignment industries. It offers a total system to handle inventory, bookkeeping, and point-of-sale. Liberty4 Resale Software has over 20 years of experience in the industry and understands and supports all the needs that are unique to consignment shops, which helps to enhance sales and productivity while improving relationships with customers and vendors.

Unique features of Liberty4 Consignment include iPad item entry, credit card processing, and ecommerce integration. This Resale Software can be scaled to support resale or consignment stores of any size, whether there is only one user, or hundreds. It is also ideal for retailers that sell art, books, antiques, and more.

At the center of Liberty Consignment Software is a great account management system, which store owners can use to access, edit and view a wide range of inventory and customer info. With seven different search methods it has never been easier to keep track of accounts, contact info, add notes, pay accounts, view history, and modify account screens.

Liberty Software Consignment software’s account and inventory management system is flexible and makes it easy for retailers to customize items and make purchases. The point-of-sale system can also keep track of layaways, customer rewards, and even create unique payment methods.

It is easy for users to analyze and export the 70 built-in reports that are available. Retailers can even email lists of items and payment history to consignors. It is also easy to create postcards and other marketing materials. For thrift, resale, and consignment retailers, Liberty4 Consignment is a complete and easy-to-use Consignment Shop Software solution.

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Review by Sharron

We are a modest consignment store in Philadelphia and started making use of Liberty4 Consignment from Resaleworld in January of last year. The real difference its had on our shop is fantastic compared to the system we were using when we first opened our shop. The training ended up being very beneficial, and I would advise anyone to show up for it before starting on their own. Learning the software is pain-free and everyone is extremely helpful. We have now purchased the 2nd software system to use in the back of the store for when we take consignments.

I would recommend anyone with a consignment shop use Liberty4 by Resaleworld. It rocks.

Review by Clayton

I own a busy children and ladies consignment shop, going through hundreds of items daily. Over the years, we’ve got added and subtracted many categories and sections. The Liberty4 Consignment software has made everything so simple for us. We use this software for everything from POS to account lookups.

When I first purchased this store they had been using a manual system to track accounts and purchases. I made the decision right away to purchase consignment software and I am very pleased with my choice. My wife and I reviewed software companies as well as viewed numerous program presentations. It absolutely was an easy choice to select Liberty4Consignment because the software had been the most user-friendly as well as provided more info and reviews when compared to the other systems. I’ve not regretted my choice in any way.

I love the rewards program that is offered and use it to help increase the sales at my store. It was simple to setup and our buyers adore not having to carry around a rewards card. Resaleword is very responsive in requests for more reviews that let me to trace the success of our rewards, deals, special sales events, and a way to identify my “best” customers. We even offer our consumers a way to keep an eye on their accounts on the web, which they really appreciate.

Liberty4 Consignment is THE software you want to use for your consignment business!

Review by Darryl

I have been using the Liverty4 Consignment Software for several years and it is constantly living up to, and sometimes even surpassing, our stores unique needs. I cannot envision ever attempting to run a consignment shop without their software. Any time we need to speak to customer support they are friendly, quick to respond, and usually offer a solution on the next update.

I have looked over some other computer software to find out if we were missing out on something, nobody even comes close to what Liberty4 Consignment is able to do. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new system for their business.

Review by Donna

I have been working together with Resaleworld for 36 months now. I had invested a large amount of time with another shop which used Liberty4 as well. I am now at another store where I’m fired up to say that i will yet again be using the Liberty4 Consignment Software. Jennifer had gone the extra mile to help us get set up with the support program. While i worked at the other shop each of the subscription groups had already been created making it easy to find item listings at a quick pace. Given that I am now employed elsewhere, I had to start all over again. I am aware exactly what the software is able to perform however it really helps to make sure I am doing everything as effectively as I possibly can. The assistance from Liberty4 Consignment is fantastic! Jeff Chris and the other Liberty4 staff have been incredibly beneficial in helping me get started all over again. Resaleworld has quite a crew, together with Jennifer and Sarah who both provide wonderful service! My partner and I look ahead to furth improving our knowledge of this excellent software program. Many thanks Liberty4 Consignment!

Review by Fernando

I own a children’s consignment store and there came a point in our growth where we were ready to add another client pc. At first we were utilizing another company’s software solution; however we could not manage to incorporate another client without having constant issues. We decided we needed to find an option with far more features, specifically for reports and modification.

We switched over to Liberty4 in September and love it. The conversion went off without a hitch. We did however have a small number of hiccups that Resaleworld took care of very quickly. The software is not hard to understand and I suggest learning all that you can do with the system, like introducing price guides and all of the reports that are accessible.

The help is excellent and they are very good about returning phone calls quickly. Their tech support is very pleasant and good at using everyday language to describe very technical terms.

We have been very pleased with Liberty4 Consignment and have merely one regret; we just wish we’d have purchased this software to begin with!

Review by Tanisha

4 star review

I opened up my shop in 1991 and the very first consignment software we used was quite good, but unfortunately that company did not succeed and they ended up going out of business. Luckily for us, Liberty4 was able to help us transfer all of our data over so we would not be burdened with re-entering everything ourselves manually.

My consignment shop has evolved over time, starting out as a children’s consignment to now being a shop that sells clothing and other household items for the whole family. It has been incredibly easy to alter our software program to match how the business is evolving.

We’ve been using Liberty4 Consignment for nearly 20 years now and after researching many other software solutions, it is clear to me that they are still the best. I enjoy how easy it is to generate reports on everything from sales to inventory. Sometimes getting reviews set up can take considerable time but the details you get from it are totally worth it.

Review by Jami D.

I opened a new store over a year ago and things have been going very well, and that is in part because of Liberty4 consignment software. My store has tens of thousands of products and hundreds of customer accounts. It would be impossible to track without using a software program such as Liberty4. This system is very easy to use, is a reasonable price, and is a great point of sale product. I would recommend this software to any other consignment store owner.
Review by Ashlee K.

4 star review

I run a woman’s consignment boutique that specializes in high-end clothing, purses, shoes and accessories. Before we opened I did a lot of research on consignment software solutions. I ended up going with Liberty4 because they offered great support staff and updates.After over 2 years of being in business I am very pleased with my choice. Whenever problems have come up the staff has been very helpful and quick to respond to my concerns. I have very happy with my decision to purchase Liberty4 and would recommend them to any other consignment shop owner.

Review by Darren B.

4 and a half star

I have been operating a consignment shop with my wife for about 10 years and have been using Liberty4 for about 3 years. We are running it on two separate computers, one of which is used in the back room mainly for tracking and entering inventory data. There were a lot of important factors to take into consideration when updated our systems, such as network connections and hardware additions.There were several problems that occurred because I hadn’t followed through with some updates. However, the support staff helped us get back on track quickly and efficiently.

Review by Patrica

4 and a half star

I own an arts and craft gallery that has become entirely consignment over the years. A tip from a similar store regarding Liberty4 led us to purchase the software program several years ago, shortly after opening our own store. Before this, we would hand-write statements and compute everything manually which obviously made for many errors.When difficult challenges have occurred the service staff members at Resaleworld have been very swift with their help. The service plan is definitely worth it. We might have been totally lost if not for them. They have in no way made us to feel stupid, which I highly value in a service team.

Review by Corey

5 star review

Our Consignment Shop in New York is small and family-owned. Our staff numbers are small, but our business was growing. We needed consignment software to meet our growing business’ needs.With the growth of our business, we knew that if we wanted to continue on that path we would have to upgrade our software and systems in order to convey a more professional image. We needed a structured work environment to help gain the trust of our clients and customers. We also were looking for a company that would could rely on in case something were to go wrong.

We chose Liberty4 because they were referred to us by another shop we knew. The team at Resaleworld was able to quickly and efficiently have us up and running in a demo. It took less than an hour to brush up on the instructions and build a very fundamental shopfront. The rest of my family was able to pick it up just as quickly. After trying the product out and seeing how simple it was to use we knew right away that we wanted to go with Liberty4 for our consignment shop software program.

It is great having employees and coworkers that are no able to focus on our customers, products, and the store without being tied up in manually entering products and accounts.

The only thing I would like to say is that there is a requirement of basic computer skills to be able to set up and run this software, so without a basic understanding of computers it might be a little difficult to get started.

Review by Therese

4 and a half star review

For several years now our store has been using Liberty4. We have always found it simple to use and teach new employees. The best feature is running and creating reports.

The customer support woman we work with is great. She is very friendly and is quick to respond to all of our concerns and software issues. We have yet to run into any problems that she has not been able to take care of for us.

I would most likely recommend this software to others consignment store owners.