InBloom Consignment Shop Software

InBloom Shop Software

Managing inventory with InBloom Consignment Shops Software is easy. Track an unlimited amount of items for your consignors. There are fields for every important piece of info including brand, price, fees charged, codes for tracking info, and a brief description. You can even manage unique commission structures for each separate item. InBloom is also Consignment Software for Mac computers.

The inventory system lets you view item information, edits that have occurred for items, track when accepted, when it is due back to the consignor, if it has been donated, or even returned already. InBloom Resale Shop Software can also search by price and sales for other items that may be similar.

Having one place to store information on consignors and buyers, including their contact information, is a great help for keeping records and reports related to your consignment shop. You can even printed address labels quickly and easily with just one click of the mouse.

This advanced inventory tracking system offers this detailed info:

Contact Info
Store Credits
Items Purchased
Buyer’s wishlist

It is easy to ring up sales, record taxes, addresses, contact info, payment info, special discounts, and calculated change with this user-friendly consignment software system. It is even possible to design custom receipts or use one of the many sales receipt templates that come with Software for Consignment Shops such as InBloom.

This is just the beginning of what can be done using InBloom Consignment Shops Software. Request more information, including a free trial, to see what InBloom can do for you and your business.

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Review by Todd B.

4 star review

I run a clothing and shoe consignment store in New York. Our specialty is in rare sneakers and tennis shoes. We sell a wide selection of brand names including Air Jordans, Adidas, Nikes, and more. Our main focus is matching rare and special edition sneakers to the right customers.

We appreciate that InBloom automatically assigns numbers for inventory and consignors. The POS system is also available for Macs, which is a huge plus for our shop, since we operate exclusively with Apple products. The label printing system also makes it very simple to tag products. Last time we did inventory it only took 2 days. We also appreciate how quick and easy it is to learn how to use InBloom Consignment Shop Software.

Our favorite feature of InBloom is how easy it is to add individual consignors and products fast. It is also incredibly easy to edit and add contact details. Even though my store is relatively small, our traffic is quite high, and this software system helps us take care of business quickly and efficiently, giving us more time to focus on making sales and satisfying our customers.

Review by Roger L.

3 and a half star review

We love InBloom because it has made it easy to keep track of our large inventory and consignors. Our experience with InBloom has been very positive… we have even recommended this consignment shop software to other store owners we know. Many people have a fear of upgrading because of assumptions about high costs and complexity. InBloom is a great product to show that doesn’t have to be the case.

Review by Tabatha R.

4 star review

I am an antique store owner in Connecticut and I use Inbloom. It is great and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for consignment business software. I am a mac user and this program runs great on my macbook pro. Inbloom makes is much easier to manage all of our customer relationships and transactions. I can rarely say this with computer software, but I have had zero problems with this tool. I have not used any other consignment specific software before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I can image it gets much better than this.