ConsignPro Software

ConsignPro offers trustworthy, time-tested software that is industry-specific and simple to teach yourself and others. Perfect for those who are reselling and consignment store owners that are looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich consignment shop option. ConsignPro Software handles retail point-of-sale, supply, as well as consumer account administration and reporting.

Consign Pro Software has an innovative “main menu” that makes sure the device can be instinctive and also comprehensive, allowing consumers to be involved with every category and section of their store. Automated list features associated with products, sellers and purchases; reduce a store’s headcount as well as associated fees. This information can be located in minutes, permitting users not only to keep track of retailer products but also to collect customer files for precise promotional mailings, statistics and more.

These Consignment Software Programs from ConsignPro come with many reports that could be personalized to follow day-to-day, month-to-month and also quarterly information in regards to each and every area of the organization: consignors, store supply, consumers, revenue activity along with rewards. This Consignment Store Software furthermore incorporates Quickbooks, making exporting income, settlement and price info very simple. This can be backed up every night and will be shielded from illegal use along with log-on procedures and passwords.

This operation is actually reinforced through knowledgeable, reliable customer care and Consign Pro Software revisions yearly that include latest features. For the simple, easy-to-learn and feature-rich consignment store solution, ConsignPro can narrow down your search.

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Review by Sam

4 star review

After spending at least 7 weeks looking for a consignment software program that is user-friendly for upcoming employees and myself, I am satisfied I decided on ConsignPro. It creates many reports that work well with Quickbooks. It is user-friendly when compared to the rival program I was using before, and totally worth the price tag. In the beginning, I was exclusively consigning our items but several years later I started purchasing items completely outright. ConsignPro could make reports that permits me to keep track of either approach.


Review by Jillian

4 and a half star review

We are a fast-paced consignment show selling women’s fashion and accessories in Oregon that started using ConsignPro software 2 years ago. ConsignPro has increased our business, it is so straightforward to understand and instruction for new employees is not a worry.

We’ve had to give suggestions that are particular to our small business needs are happy about the results we received. There are a couple areas that could use some improving upon, such as layaway options and receipt printing options.

ConsignPro helped us transition from our previous software system without having a large amount of down-time. The user-friendly computer software handbook handles just about any of our other concerns quickly.

It is a couple of years after implementing this software and we are happy with the results.

Review by Dean

4 Star Review

A month after opening our store I knew that there needed to be an improved, swifter way to observe all my inventory and needed a software system to undertake that large task. I went on the web and researched the various programs around. I kept hearing good things about many different consignment software products, but ConsignPro stood out to me.This software is not hard to make use of. For new hires one of the first things I do is start them off by doing inventory checks and and ringing up sales. I have had very few issues during the training period with new employees.

I really do like this software, nevertheless here are our concerns. The instruction manual they give you for the software is just not well organized; I have a hard time looking up and finding answers to my questions. A single look-up feature would certainly be beneficial when trying to search for a specific item. The rewards system also isn’t user-friendly; it is hard to remove mistakes and it is very easy to enter duplicates.

You will always find small things that can pester a person, however customer support is very helpful and they offer upgrades fairly often.

Review by Jerri S.

4 star review

I used to use handwritten tags at my thrift clothing store. I decided about 6 months ago that I wanted more professional looking product labels and receipts. I was just going to get a computer program for printing but I came across ConsignPro and decided to go with a full service consignment management software. It’s great and allows me to do everything from inventory to sales to printing product labels. I was also able to use it with my existing Quicken. This is a much better way to manage my store than I was doing. I recommend it.

Review by Ted R.

I used to work at a clothing consignment store before I branched off and started my own consignment business. Consignpro has some nice features. I started using it about 6 months ago. It does what I need it to do like manage point of sale and inventory. Also nice for printing receipts and item labels.

My complaint about Consignpro is the customer service and pricing. I ended up paying more than I expected and if you need to get something fixed it will probably have a fee attached. If you don’t plan on need much technical support this software will probably get the job done for you. If not you may want to look for another software option.