ConsignmentTill by RJFSOFT is a Consignment Inventory Software product that is specially made for businesses that sell based on a consignment model. It offers a point-of-sale transation system, inventory tracking and control, commissions, reports, tag and label printing, and many more features that are important to running any retail consignment store. ConsignmentTill is great for an expanding shop as it can be run on multiple computers.

The benefits of using ConsignmentTill are many and include features such as improved consignor relations, an easy POS system for cashiers, customer relations are improved when transactions are quick and accurate, and there is only a one-time cost with no payment required for tech support help.

If you are just beginning to research How to Open a Consignment Business know that ConsignmentTill by RJFSOFT offers great Consignment Business Model software solutions.

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Review by Gerald Y.

4 star review

My wife is not particularly computer literate and she seems to be adapting quite nicely to the easiness and functionality of ConsignmentTill. I am extremely happy with the professionalism and service of RJFSOFT.Whatever time we’ve called and asked for help in figuring out a particular function or feature, the staff has been very quick to answer my concerns and the number one priority always seem to be in ensuring we are at ease with the software and happy with the solutions. Furthermore, I want to say thanks to the support staff at RJFSOFT for caring so much about us store owners.We’ve only had the software for two months and have received numerous updates according to what other customers ask for. I use ConsignmentTill to run my 6000 square foot store, and it regularly goes above and beyond my expectations.
Review by Cynthia N.

4 star review

I purchased ConsignmentTill several months ago for use in a consignment shop being opened by one of my clients. We are both incredibly pleased with the point-of-sale system in place. The owner is also very impressed with the software.

We decided to go with ConsignmentTill after researching other consignment shop software products we decided to go with RJFSOFT because all of the other software packages cost way too much for our needs. ConsignmentTill is just right.

Review by Rose C.

4 and a half star review

I run a consignment store that specializes in children’s clothing and accessories. When I first started I had no experience in running a retail store and very little guidance. I knew that I needed to purchase a software system to help me run the store, and spent months doing the research.

Even though I am quite good at working with computers I was still afraid of trying to teach myself a new system. Luckily ConsignmentTill was incredibly easy to learn and took me no time at all to get set up and running. It comes with a guide that is extremely helpful and the staff at RJSOFT always respond to me requests quickly. I really appreciate that the support staff never treats my questions as if they are an inconvenience or ridiculous.

ConsignmentTill is very cost-effective, and best of all my customers and consignors love how it helps improve business.