Consignment Success

Consignment Success

Consignment Success and Consignment Ease by CCE are great software systems to choose from if you are building a Business Plan for Consignment Shop and in need of an affordable Consignment POS solution. These software solutions offer total point of sale functions and hardware in one easy solution. It is easy to get started and even easier to learn. Consignment Ease was previously known as Best Consignment Software and is best known for its fast navigation and instinctive interface as well as many point-of-sale and stock managing features.

Consignment Success and Consignment Ease have many different levels of packages, including a total Consignment POS setup solution or simply the Consignment Sales Software by itself. The full POS setup solutions can include tills, receipt printers, scanners, tag printers, computers, and of course great customer service. These software solutions are best for consignment shop owners with only one store.

If you are looking to really make the absolute most of your Consignment Sales Software, then Consignment Success is the software solution that is right for you. Consignment Success offers a robust software solution that includes everything offered by Consignment Ease as well as many more features that include buyer tracking, wish lists, email marketing capabilities, multiple reporting, and a whole lot more.

CCE has been in business since 1999 and is an industry leader in Consignment Sales Software solutions. For a Consignment Software Free demo and quote request more information today.

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Review by Max D.

3 and a half star review

Our store recently updated from Consignment Ease to Consignment Success. We were hoping that this upgrade would help alleviate some of the glitches and problems we were dealing with. While the upgrade to Consignment Success did help quite a bit, it is still pretty glitchy. There customer support has been mostly helpful, but they haven’t been able to address all of our issues. It still has all of the features we need, and new releases are coming that are promising to fix the problems we face with this software. Overall it gets the job done, is low-cost and has most of the features a consignment store could need.

Review by Sara L.

3 and a half star review

I like Consignment Success because it allows me to track consignors and inventory. It is also good for generating reports and settlements. I have seen other reviews that state it has a lot of glitches. I haven’t experienced anything that is too bad, just a couple times. And usually restarting fixes everything.

Overall I am quite happy with Consignment Success. It has made running my business much easier on me.