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Best Consignment Shop Software is intended for pawn and consignment shop business store owners that are searching for a system that is capable of complete inventory management. We hear from consignment store business owners all the time who say they are in search of consignment programs that offer a robust solution for their consignment shop’s inventory management. What they are usually looking for is a low-cost system that still meets all of their needs and Best Consignment Shop Software is an ideal solution for them.

BCSS is simple to get started with and is incredibly affordable, while still being flexible enough of a system to meet most consignment shop business and pawn shop owners needs. BCSS offers a streamlined inventory management system and POS system. Its approach to management is centered around inventory, just like most consignment and pawn shops are. Other features include bar coding, reporting, quotes, orders and purchases.

Best Consignment Shop Software is used in just about every industry by companies earning up to $100 million in annual revenue. It offers extensive training and support resources through its training videos, online tutorials, in-house specialists and more. Fishbowl’s seamless integration with QuickBooks makes it easy for users to integrate manufacturing, sales, and distribution processes with back office accounting.

Best Consignment Shop Software offers incredible training and technical support, and makes it simple for users to transfer their previous system over and integrate previous data.

Try BCSS’s demo for two weeks totally free to see if it fits your consignment store business management wants and needs. It comes with a training panel built in so that training is easy to use while using the software program. Whether you are looking to start a consignment business or looking to upgrade your stores’s existing software consider BCSS and request more information today.

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4 Star Review

When I was searching for a Consignment Shop software program I spent a great deal of time researching all the possibilities and reading many reviews. Based on what I read I decided to try Best Consignment Shop and I am pleased with my decision. It is quite simple to use, I am able to enter inventory fast, print barcodes, and easily complete sales so customers are able to be in and out quickly. The till is even set up with this program, making everything very easy. Customers even comment on how quickly we are able to get their transactions taken care of. I would suggest this software program to any business that is searching for a new system for their store.
Review by Ericka T.

4 Star Review

Our shop has used Best Consignment Shop Software for going on 2 years now. Their customer support is great. We recently inquired about getting a second copy to use in another store of ours and were shocked that the cost would be just under 100 dollars. That was totally unexpected and a very nice surprise. There were also no surprise fees or costs after purchasing BCSS. We really do love this software and the entire staff, they have been a great help to us and our business over the last couple years.
Review by Margery P.

3 and a half star review

When I opened up my lady’s consignment shop at first I was planning on just using a basic computer program. But I am a computer tech so what I am capable of doing on a computer might not be easy for future employees and staff. After doing some quick searches online I discovered Best Consignment Shop Software. The price seemed reasonable and it appeared to be capable of providing everything I was interested in.

I have now been running my store for several months and everything is running very smoothly for the most part. One of the best parts is that it is easy to use and train employees on. I also have only good things to say about the customer support staff at BCSS.

Review by Clinton H.

3 and a half star review

Before I started using Best Consignment, I didn’t do very much reporting on my business beyond basic revenue and margin figures. I wasn’t using any special consignemtn software, just quickbooks and excel to manage accounts. Now that I use Best Consignment it’s much easier to manage everything from inventory to consignors and reporting. I am not a very technical person and that’s probably one of the reasons I waited to transfer to a new system. It wasn’t too hard to start using it. Tech support is good. The reporting has helped me learn more about my business and helped me better track inventory and sales. I think if you own a consignemnt business or work at one, you should try getting special programs designed for consignment. I am happy I did.
Review by Jamie A.

4 Star Review

We are very happy with Best Consignment Shop. My store used to use a much more expensive consignment software that had lots of fees attached and the baseline cost was just outrageous. We reviewed cheaper options and found Best Consignment Shop to meet all our needs at a much lower cost than the competition. What was most important to us besides fair cost was good customer service. We have never had a problem with the tool that customer service wasn’t able to quickly help us figure out.

This is one of the best decisions we have ever made and I wish we had used Best Consignment Shop as our first consignment software.